Current Group Members

Jim Havranek


Principal Investigator
Ph.D. 2003, Stanford University

Chi Zhang

Graduate Student
Computational and Systems Biology

I'm interested in redesigning protein-protein interface of Cre recombinase. I'm also working on changing the specificity of Cre's DNA recognition.

Adam Joyce

Graduate Student
Developmental and Stem Cell Biology

I am interested in methods to characterize transcription factor (TF)-DNA interactions, both in vitro and in vivo. I am currently examining how sequence-specificity is partitioned among paralogous TFs in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems and what role this may have in structuring overlapping networks of regulatory targets.

Ben Borgo

Graduate Student
Computational and Systems Biology

I am researching the development of new algorithms for structure-based biomolecular design and engineering proteins for specific, high-affinity binding to peptide targets.

Hollie Beck

Research Technician

Contact: havranek [at] genetics [dot] wustl [dot] edu