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RH Maps

RH maps from the LN54 radiation hybrid panel. The RH maps shown here are the result of a collaboration between the Dawid (NICHD), Ekker (Loeb Institute), Johnson (WUMS), McPherson (WU-GSC) and Zon (Children's Hospital)labs (See Hukriede et al, (1999) Radiation hybrid mapping of the zebrafish genome. PNAS 96; 9745).

RH Maps (sorted by linkage group)
LG01, vector01LG02, vector02LG03, vector03LG04, vector04LG05, vector05
LG06, vector06LG07, vector07LG08, vector08LG09, vector09LG10, vector10
LG11, vector11LG12, vector12LG13, vector13LG14, vector14LG15, vector15
LG16, vector16LG17, vector17LG18, vector18LG19, vector19LG20, vector20
LG21, vector21LG22, vector22LG23, vector23LG24, vector24LG25, vector25

RH maps last updated: May 11, 2000
RH vectors last updated: May 16, 2000

  • Place markers on Loeb/NIH/5000/4000 panel.

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